Segment Contacts for Smarter Targeting

  • Send email campaigns only to the relevant target audience by segmenting contacts based on their available information and historical response behavior thus resulting in higher ROI

    • Segment on contacts data like city, gender & others
    • Higher open & click rates
    • Higher ROI
    • Segment further by historical response behaviour (opens & clicks by devices)
    • Lower unsubscribes and complaints

    Send & Deliver Campaigns into Inbox

    Send/schedule campaigns and get it delivered into Inbox with the state-of-the-art email delivery infrastructure and ISP compliant policies

    • Supports Email Authentication (SPF, DKIM & DMARC)
    • Pool of 16,000 IP+ used in rotation to avoid IP blacklisting
    • Established ISP Relationships
    • Redundant servers in tier 3 IDCs across the globe to ensure always-on availability

    View & Analyse Reports

    Track the performance of email marketing campaigns with detailed and graphical reports and analytics

    • Opens, clicks & bounces with detailed reports
    • Track website visitors, conversions and revenue generated by email campaigns
    • Reports by ISPs and time period
    • Social media reports
Segment Contacts for Smarter Targeting

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