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Managed Services


    We offer free data migration on qualifying servers and charge a nominal fee for data migration on non-qualifying systems. Either way, it is inexpensive and easy to move to a eICON server.

  • cPanel migrations

Migrate to a eICON cPanel Servers.

  • Any competitors cPanel server to a eICON cPanel server – FREE
    With the purchase of our $29 fully managed server package.
  • Any Plesk, DirectAdmin, Ensim server to a eICON cPanel server – FREE

Linux Server Management Plan (cPanel Required) $29/mo.

 Free migration from any cPanel dedicated server

•Free migration of up to 20 accounts from any shared cPanel solution

•Monitoring of services and hardware•Automated trouble ticket creation and technical support reaction during service or hardware failure

•Proactive OS Updates and Patches

•Hardening of LAMP Stack and Ongoing Security Audits

•Initial WHM/cPanel Setup using customer provided information

•Setup ConfigServerFirewall (CSF)

•Brute Force Detection (cpHulk)

•RKhunter and CHkrootkit installed and setup with customer email alerts•Malware scanning upon indication of exploit

•Softaculous included. Nearly 400 applications available with one click installs

•Mod_security setup, with basic rules from GotRoot.

•Performance optimization by disabling unnecessary services/users

•Mod_security setup, with basic rules from Comodo

•Installation of any free and available ConfigServer script

•RAID monitoring when applicable

•Recovery assistance from your cPanel backups (not managed) or our Rapid Restore service (managed)

•Install Atop/MyTop/MultiTail/ConfigServer File Manager and Mail Queue Manager upon request

•Remote reboot•